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6 Simple Questions to Free Beauty Samples

It's almost 2015 - and the choices available to us in the beauty sector are only growing. When I used to go to the department store with my mother in the 80's - there were maybe 10 known brands. Now that number, reaches over 100. So what is good? What is effective? Do we need to spend £100's of pounds to buy everything and since we're not in a position to throw away money like that , how do we know what works?

You will be surprised to know, cosmetics companies are actually willing to spend money and give away samples to reach their potential customers. They already know that word of mouth is the best marketing strategy, and that one 'recommendation' is sometimes worth it's weight of 10 advertisements. While they can't give a sample to everyone, they often hold Beauty Testing Panels and guess what? Today - we've got one for you that will let you try actual free samples depending on what you qualify for. Just answer these 6 questions to get started and see what's in store for you.

Companies Need You to Try Top Skin Creams!

Answer 6 questions to see if you qualify for a risk free trial.

  • Companies want you to try their products.
  • All products are free sample trials to try.
  • Risk free - all products are safe.
  • Some products include a small postage charge.

Question 1 of 6:

Why is knowing your gender important?

Asking your gender is important because there are structural differences between men and womens skins. After puberty, Androgen stimulation causes men's skin to have a tougher texture and be about 25% thicker than a womans. Many companies design their products specifically for men or women so using the wrong product may not give the best results.

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